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Adorable Bernedoodle

From the pen of Posh Puppies: An adorable Bernedoodle

People have a certain affection and attraction toward adopting pets. Their family atmosphere remains incomplete without a furry friend. We are here to introduce you to one of the most recommended and best options to adopt from the family Canidae.  These little furry friends come in three different sizes, weighs around 70-90 pounds, and height is 23-29 inches. Along with many impressive traits, the low shedding and less drooling nature make them the perfect puppies to adopt. At Posh Puppies Kennel, we work our best to breed these nearly perfect Bernedoodles Puppies in Manitoba.  

Some impressive traits of Berne - 

A good friend -

Bernedoodle is proven to be a good friend and a great companion for a lifetime. Their love for family and friends is more than anything. The attention and cuddle they got from their human family members make them loyal and sensitive toward them. They get emotional and jealous when their caretaker gives more attention to others. They are the perfect example of a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Socialization - 

Bernedoodles Puppies socialize very easily and make friends with other pets and children within a fraction of a minute. Also, their low aggressive nature creates a safe surrounding around them, allowing other pets and kits to play. Kids usually get pampered by these cute little adorable furry friends. In fact, their protective nature towards human babies in the absence of elders makes everyone go awe of them.

Hard-working -

These puppies are highly active and full of energy. They are very playful and jump all over the place, which lift up the mood of the family members. They can accompany you while working out, exercising, and doing a little shopping. It is their favorite hobby to see off their human mates whenever they go to school, college, or the office.  

Bloom with training -

Bernedoodle Puppies are very playful, charming, and captivating. Their funny behaviour and sense of humour release the stress level and instantly boost the mood. With proper training, they can perform as good watchdogs and skillful guide dogs. 


Due to the increasing popularity and immense benefits, Posh Puppies kennel brings out many attractive offers of Mini Bernedoodle puppies for sale. Come around our kennel to learn more about us and our puppies.        

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