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Aussiedoodle Puppy

Posh Puppies Kennel: A Safe Home to Buy Aussiedoodle Puppy 

These incredible therapy dogs are an excellent choice for a family to adopt. Their kid and pet friendliness creates a safe and positive surrounding around them. The best part is they quickly socialize and create a bond between humans within minutes.  When you are looking for an Aussie, Posh Puppies is the best option to go for. We groom, potty-train, and take care of Aussiedoodle Puppies in Manitoba. Here are some points to build your trust in us. 

Golden doodle brings a lot of happiness to your family

Our kennel is with many modern solutions and disciplined methods to groom puppies. The sleeping area of these puppies is very spacious, with ventilation facilities. We look after the hygiene and cleanliness of both kennel and the puppies. Some of the other ways we take care of these cute little creatures are - 

    •The puppies have access to family conditions and human societies.
    • Separate toys for separate puppies
    • Kennels are well-heated and air-conditioned for all types of weather and climate conditions.
    • They are provided with a healthy diet full of protein and nutrients. 
    • We clean and sanitize the floor twice a day.

    • We groom the puppies with care, bathing, trimming, and many more come under this service. 

    • We clean the place and puppy on a regular basis to avoid contamination and also to avoid those foul smells.

Training and health care -

To maintain the activeness of Aussie, we have several exercise sessions and outdoor & indoor game ideas. Because with no exercise, there is a possibility that Aussie will be bored and lazy. To avoid this condition, our trainers teach them many games.  

    • Trained to be disciplined and obedient
    • They are potty trained and do not poo everywhere.
    • We do regular health check-ups of our puppies, and many vaccination policies come under this service.


Make them happy -

These happy creatures are very charming, energetic, and fun-loving. Our staffs are well trained and friendly to pamper and take care of them like little babies. We try our best to create a homely atmosphere around them to get them acquainted with the family’s condition. We look after their likes, dislikes, patterns, and habits to keep a keen interest in them. 

Every puppy is different; we work hard to understand each puppy individually to take care of them better. Many common sense and manners are taught here to the puppies to ease the life of their human parents. Hence, when you are looking to buy Aussiedoodle Puppy, we recommend you stop by our kennel once and bring one for yourself.

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