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Here at Posh Puppies...

our puppy program is tlc. Your puppy enters this world being loved the instant they arrive.  We pay close attention to newborn puppies making sure their little tummies are full and that they are nursing properly. They are handled from the day they are born and most times from the minute they are born. Once their eyes open at 2 weeks of age, we allow our children to begin to touch them and hold them. 

  Puppies stay with mom till 7 or 8 weeks old, learning their social skills, potty training from mom, and bonding with their mother. 

 We feed a high quality kibble which is corn, soy, and wheat free. We also offer a raw diet on the side. They enjoy gnawing on pork bones and eating raw organs. The brand we feed is Country Vet Naturals.

  I do not housetrain my puupies as they are with mom until about the time they leave. Their mom teaches them alot and makes potty training a breeze.

  Our adult dogs take turns running loose on our 8 acre homestead. We have a small hobby farm and so they are exposed to other animals on our yard. We love to romp and play with the puppies in the grass and let them explore the farm and play with the children whether it be the sandbox or going for rides down the slide or a swing ride on the lap. 

  Our puppies sleep either on blankets or on a dog bed. Our puppies are not kennled at all as they stay with mom and siblings until being rehomed. 

  We give the puppies several baths during their few short weeks here getting them used to water. 

  We play soft accepella music in the kennel getting them used to gentle relaxing music.

  Your puppy will confident, socialized, and happy! We are rewarded when we see a happy puppy making your family complete! 

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